Best Diet For Your Diabetic Cat

Cats get diabetes, just like people. Unlike human beings, cats have no knowledge of the disease, and can do nothing on their own to correct or reduce the severity of their condition. As the cat owner, it is up to you to prevent your cat from getting diabetes. If your cat is already diabetic, then it is up to you to improve its health by seeing the vet, and by adjusting the cat’s diet. So what do cats eat when they have diabetes? Let’s find out.

See the vet

Seeing the vet should be the first step you take when you discover that your cat might have diabetes. If it turns out that your cat is actually suffering from diabetes, your doctor will prescribe insulin to correct the functioning of your cat’s blood sugar control system.


A Diabetic Cat’s Diet

Cats are carnivores and this means that they have been evolved to feed on meat protein. The body system of the cat cannot utilize proteins derived from plants as much as they can utilize animal proteins. This still holds for a cat with diabetes. A diabetic cat should be fed on a diet with lots of protein, and very little carbohydrates.

It is very important to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you feed your cat on. The bodies of cats do not require lots of carbohydrates to operate correctly.


Can cats eat chocolate and other safe human foods if they have diabetes? The answer is no. For a diabetic cat, this is the best way to make sure your cat does not recover. In addition, certain fruits that your cat used to enjoy will have to be kicked out of the cat’s diet. You can consult your vet on what fruits and human foods you can still feed your diabetic cat, and which ones you should avoid. Generally, most fruits have a very high sugar content, and this can aggravate the cat’s situation further.

Dry Foods

Dry foods are just as dangerous for cats. If you own a diabetic cat, you should also know that most meals in food cans are dry. Dry foods usually have a higher concentration of carbohydrates and a lower percentage of proteins- which is exactly what cats with diabetes don’t need. You should therefore avoid serving your diabetic cat such foods.


Keep the cat active. Otherwise, you will have an obese cat.

How to Prevent Diabetes in Your Cat

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. So how can you prevent diabetes in your cat? You can do this by first checking the cat’s diet. Is the cat’s diet generally rich in protein, and low on carbohydrates? This is what food for cats should contain. If this is not what the cat’s diet contains, that is where you need to start. Adjust the cat’s diet to accommodate more protein and less carbohydrate. Also, try to ensure that your cat’s diet is mostly non- dry foods. Dry meals are dangerous foods for cats as they have a very high concentration of carbohydrates.

Another important tip to remember is to keep the cat active. Engage the cat in play, and take it out for walks. Otherwise, you will have an obese cat, and there is a higher probability that your cat will get diabetes.

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