How to Bathe Your Pet Kitten

Bathing cats is not always an easy job to do. Kittens are easier to handle because they are less likely to be as violent. All the same, cats are generally hydrophobic pets, and getting them to appreciate baths is never easy. The good news is that cats and kittens don’t need regular baths. Cats are clean pets and will usually take good enough care of themselves. Cleaning your cat can also help prevent it from getting cat dandruff. So when you keep the cat condos and cat litter boxes clean, you will also have to wash your cat. But how should you go about washing your cat?


Get What You Need

To bathe your cat, you need warm water, cat shampoo and a hose or a bucket. It is important to specifically get cat shampoo. Shampoo meant for people can have adverse effects on the fur of your cat. Cat shampoo can be bought in any pet shop. If your cat has dandruff, you can search instead for the best shampoo for dandruff. Also, it is best to use warm water since cold water will startle your kitten. Similarly, hot water will make your kitten cooperate less in your bath, and can also give the cat burns. Once you have all these ready, it is time to get your kitten to take its bath.

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You can give the cat time to relax first in the bath tab or just in the shower so that it can relax to the environment.

You can then get the cat soaped up. Wash every part of the cat, from the head to the tail. When you are done with this, you can now rinse off the soap off the cat’s fur.

A wrong way to rinse your kitten is to turn on the shower when the kitten is under it. The shower is generally to be avoided when washing your cat. A sprinkler would be better. The best way, however, is to wash the kitten using water drawn from a bucket or basin.

Then you will need to dry your cat. You might want to use the blow dryer, but this may startle the kitten. Remember that any negative experiences will register in the kitten’s brain as being associated with the bath; meaning it will not be as ready next time for its bath. Instead, you should use a towel. You can dry the kitten by tapping it with an absorbent towel till it is dry. Alternatively, you can rub gently against its fur.

Since the kitten’s fur can get tangled up after the bath, you will have to brush your kitten afterwards. Do this gently using a soft brush and brush in the direction to which the fur naturally lies.


What You Need to Remember

Don’t expect your cat to be very happy to take its first bath. In fact, you should cut off the cat’s nails before trying to bathe it. Otherwise, the kitten can get violent and scratch you. If your cat likes to scratch and bite, you should even take extra measures to protect yourself. You can wear a long sleeved shirt for this purpose.

Treat your kitten, maybe with some tasty human food, every time you successfully get it to bathe. This way, it will always look forward to taking a bath.

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