8 Cool And Trendy Ideas To Build Wall Shelves For Your Cats


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Catsters are highly renowned in making their houses more and more cat friendly. And for that they can go to any level. This article brings some real cool wall shelf ideas for your cat. Moreover these stuffs are going to jazz up your interior decoration.

Quick Tip

Recycled cardboard can be used to line the surface so that it can act as a doubled scratching board for your lovely kitty.

Cats are perhaps the best animals you can keep as pets. Why? The reason to this is very simple. Cats require low maintenance, are good companions, and obviously are damn gorgeous to eyes.

If you are convinced enough, we have got some real cool and awesome ideas for homemade cat wall shelves. A question might arise in your mind ‘why homemade?’ Again the answer is very simple. Many-a-times the ready-made products are too expensive and guess what would happen if your pet completely dislikes them. Our versions of the cat shelf are fun to make and you can alter them as per the need of your pet. Also these stuffs are going to beautify your home. Check this video for inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcJ529Lc_Gs

Plank Shelf


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These DIY shelves are too easy to install but when it comes to looks, they are damn classy. In this, you just need a few planks which are wide enough for your pet to sit on it comfortably. Fix them on your wall the way you want and you are good to go. If you want to brighten up your dull room, then painting those shelves in shades of neon would do the same.

Tree Shelf


Photo credit: http://www.catsplay.com/blog/just-in-first-customer-photos-of-cat-themed-wall-decals-in-action

This is quite fancy in nature. Apart from being just a cat shelf, it proves to be a great decor for your home. Just imagine how beautiful it’s going to look- a virtual tree with branches extending both the sides and a cat sitting on them. So don’t hold back. Stand. Get your brushes. And paint your imagination!

Box Shelf

These are perhaps one of the easiest sorts of shelves to install. One can easily find cubes. These are super easy to fix on the wall and you can use them to keep other stuff as well. However, you need to ensure that these are made of some durable material, otherwise your cat will just knock it down.


Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/imacdragonfly/cat-climbs-via-stairsshelvescubescircles/


Hexagonal Shelf


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Hexagons are quite classy in their looks. And the best part about them is whatever the pattern they are fixed in, they are damn adorable! Get some hexagonal shapes and fix them carefully on the wall. Check your house getting a gorgeous look.


Rectangle Cube Shelf


Photo credit: http://www.petsroom.net/cat-shelves-diy/

Everyone has to agree that rectangles look damn classy and are appealing too. You kitty is gonna spend all her time in these shelves with great ease. Attach a few ribbons and keep your cat’s things here. She is going to stuck here all day long and will surely love it.

Wave Shelf


Photo credit:  https://www.amazon.com/Urban-Pet-Haus-Mounted-Perch/dp/B002F50GBG

These are quite difficult to make but they prove to be worth of all your efforts if you are able to make it properly. You can place cushions over there for your soft kitty to make them feel cosy there. Trust me, cats love the curves of these shelves.

Cube Shelf

These type of shelves are very popular and damn appealing. And most importantly, they are the easiest to make too! You can store other things as well, however, make sure your cat does not want to knock them off.


Photo credit: http://icanhasgif.com/ikea-shelves/cat-wall-shelves-ikea/

Step Shelf


Photo credit: http://www.theverticalcat.com/The-Catification-Lady-Designing-Your-Cat-Superhighway-Think-Like-a-Cat_b_28.html

It’s not at all necessary for you and your cats to use the same stairs. Cats are placed quite at a higher place as compared to humans and so they deserve to walk above us. The wall next to your stairs can be used to create this beautiful shelf. This adds a touch to modernity along with a hint of vintage. Your cat is going to love playing with it and will spare you of the tantrums that come casually. View this for an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukz4DVqo0GM


So here were some of the best cat shelves that not only make your cat happy, but also glam up your house. Hire a professional or seek help if you are not able to understand how to do it. In the end, feel free to explore all your creativity so that you come up with most unique and best works. Check this for ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3wLQD4-4XM

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